Gary’s Garden Sheds Base and Flooring

We make purchasing a shed as easy as possible

Our professional installers will build your shed directly onto lawn, dirt, concrete or decking.  Your shed base is secured and level on your site using H4 treated 4×2 timber bearers which are pegged or nailed into the ground then we install the H3 18mm plywood flooring.  Our design allows the cladding to fall below the plywood floor level ensuring that the shed stays weathertight and secure further protecting your precious stored items.  The timber base allows for flexibility to relocate if required at a future date.

No preparation is required other than providing us with a cleared site which  saves you time and money.  

We rarely come across a perfectly flat site so we allow for a slight fall your site, if unsure if your site would be classed as sloped we love photos to be sent to us as we can advise if further investigation is required.  

Sheds with no floor
We can build sheds without a floor if you have a suitable base. We require a flat level deck or a purpose built concrete pad. The base must be level for us to be able to install our sheds.

Sloping sites
Our professional installers can find a solution for your sloped site. We have a surcharge for installing on a sloped site as we concrete the posts into the ground for more stability. Talk to us if you are unsure if your site is considered sloped.

Base & Flooring

Slight slope included in install offer

Base & Flooring

H4 4×2 base ready for floor

Base & Flooring

H3 18mm Plywood floor 

Base & Flooring

Base raised to be level with customers deck

Base & Flooring

Sloped Site with Step (surcharge)

Base & Flooring

Sloped Base at one end installed 

Gary’s Garden Sheds

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