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Double Doors for Sheds


For better access to our larger sheds Double Doors are a great option.  Great for ride on mowers or other larger items requiring a wider entry.  Note: Glass in the doors is an optional extra for sliding doors only..

Double Doors can be both sliding or hinged door access.  Our sliding doors slide conveniently on the outside of the shed which allows you to use the inside wall for storage, they have both a top and bottom track to ensure they stay on track and we use a thicker gauge of steel for the tracks to ensure they glide smoothly.

Gap opening with double sliding doors is 1500mm

Upgrade Price: $240

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More about this product

Our double doors combine two single doors, giving you twice the entry allowance into our sheds.  We can achieve this with both sliding doors and hinged doors depending on your needs.  This option provides our widest entryway for those where a wide access is a priority. Double doors are ideal for larger items such as rideons, small tractors, lawn mowers and wheelbarrows, as they offer the widest gap to manoeuvre bulky items into the shed with ease. Double doors are perfect for medium to larger storage sheds so that you make the shed work how you want it, and get the most out of your storage shed. 


Having the shed open up with double doors makes it easier to load your shed with those large bulky items from rideons to bbqs and furniture.  If you send us the dimensions of your ride-on or large item we can overlay the layouts so that you can see how the item would sit in your shed, we also can advise what doors are suitable to ensure we have the right access entry wide enough to fit your rideon or item.  If you prefer to have separate entry points for the doors this can be achieved easily if the size of the shed allows.  This means you can access the shed directly to different areas of the shed, this is a popular option if you have a rideon at one end and want to have easy quick access to the other end of the shed for storing tools, furniture or firewood.   Having double doors in a garden shed can be incredibly useful and beneficial for a more functional use of the shed. With two doors, it is easier to access the shed when carrying or storing large items or equipment.

Double doors also provide more ventilation and airflow, making the shed more comfortable while working in it. Double hinged doors also offer higher security if you are in a vulnerable area like schools, clubs or if the shed is placed on the front of your property, the doors can be locked together with one  single padlock or ask us how to make it even more secure with our upgrade options.

Like our single doors, our double doors are made from the best materials with strong designs.  Our sliders have tracks on both the top and bottom built out of .55 tensile steel allowing them to glide smoothly and stay on your shed!  Both sliders & hinged double door options are built with strength providing extra durability and weatherproofing for your shed with our weatherstrips further protecting your precious items from the elements.

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