What preparation do I need to do prior to installation?
We just need a site cleared of trees and structure to build the shed on. The sheds can be built directly onto grass, decking or concrete. Our installers will make sure that the shed floor is level. We can even quote on removing your old shed if required.
Do I need a council permit?
All our standard sizes of sheds in the brochure and on this website are able to be built without a council permit. Please talk to us if you want your shed directly next to the fence as the council requires it to be its own height away from the boundary. We can build sheds bigger than the 10sqm however a permit will be required which is the customers responsibility.
Does the shed have a warranty?
Yes, we have a 15 year warranty on the steel cladding. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction so for rare occasion a part is faulty we will fix it.
How do I pay for my shed?
We accept cash, cheque, Eftpos, Credit Card with transaction fee incurred (Visa/Mastercard only) or bank deposit. We take a deposit to confirm order and then balance is due on completion of installation.
Do I have to be around for installation?
You don’t have to be around for the installation. So long as its clearly marked out where you want your shed and leave our installers access to power.
What is the height of the shed?
At the highest point of the roof it is 2100mm and 1950 at the lowest point of the roof.
Do you have display sheds to view?

Our showroom at 9b Trugood Drive, East Tamaki has 6-8 display sheds to view with optional extras.

Do you have colour samples?
Yes, if you can’t make it into our showroom we are happy to post out some samples. Its best to view the actual colour as the brochure and website colours can vary quite a bit.
How long does it take from when I order?

Our standard time it takes for installation is normally about 4-6 weeks from time of order. The leadtime can vary depending on the time of year and weather delays.  Please ask at time of ordering.

Does the shed come made or in parts?
The shed arrives to your place in parts on our truck, our installers then unload them to the install site. This also allows us to install in sites with limited access.
How big is the gap in the door opening?

For a standard single sliding door the gap is approx 760mm. The one metre wide door has a gap of 960mm and for double doors the gap is 1560mm.  Let us know your entry requirements and we can advise our best option to achieve this.

Are there other colours available?
Its possible that we can arrange for a different colour from the supplier, please talk to us if you have something in particular that you are wanting.
Do we supply kitset?
We do not hold kitset sheds at our factory. All our sheds are custom made for our customers. As we offer free installation with sheds sold our customers usually always want to take up that offer.
Does the shed come with timber framing?
No the structural design of our sheds does not require timber framing. Timber framing can be purchased per wall as an optional extra. Timber Framing allows the addition of shelving, hooks etc.
Can I collect water from the gutters?
Yes! We can put gutter stoppers on the ends of the gutters and install a dropper which our customers can then arrange to connect a pipe to collect the water.
Can the shed be made higher as I'm tall?
Yes we can raise the height of the shed in 100mm increments to a maximum of 300mm. Look for the extra height in the optional extras page.