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Our sheds are perfect for storing bikes. Choose from our smaller sheds to larger sheds that can house all your cycling equipment. We have standard sizing or customise the shed to suit your size, door and height requirements. We can build onto your concrete pad or we can install our timber base/floor. The height of the shed can be adjusted if required to suit your needs. Talk to us for more details.

Shed Features:

Roofing quality NZ Colorsteel for extra strength and durability
Choose from our range of Endura NZ Colorsteel Colours
15 year warranty
Single sliding door (Other door options available)
Free Installation*
No permit required

Standard height or customise to a lower height

Free Installation*
* Free installation is on a flat Auckland site. Surcharge applies for sloped sites and/or delivery for outer Auckland areas, the Coromandel, the Waikato region, or up to Mangawhai. Please enquire for more information.
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Advantages of Bike Storage Sheds

Having a secure purpose built space for storage bikes is a great way to free up space from inside your home. The quality of a GGS bike storage shed will protect bikes from the New Zealands harsh weather to ensure you maximise the life of the bikes.

Our bike sheds can be laid out to create a space that suits the number of bikes and ensure ease of access so that any member of the family can easily retrieve their bike. Add shelving or boards so that you can easily store cycling accessories.

We now carrow the Steady Rack systems to help store a number of bikes in our bike storage shed with ease so there is room for adult bikes and kids bikes, check out our display model on how these racks work.

Recommended sizes for Bike Storage Sheds

The great thing about GGS bike sheds is that they come in a whole range of sizes, either pick a standard size or we can help you design a storage shed that will maximise the space on your site for storage.

Popular sizes for bikes sheds are 2.4 x 1.2m or 2.4m x 1.8m, a range of door sizes allows for suitable entry access with either double hinged doors opening up the whole front or sliding doors which are convenient to use and has access in the centre or to the left or right side of the front.

Desert Sand Bike Shed

Why to buy from Gary’s Garden Shed?

GGS bike storage are built with the same quality design and construction as our standard storage shed range. We use qualtiy NZ Colorsteel and our sheds have a strong proven weathertight design that will last decades. Bike sheds are constructed with same quality & design that builders and engineers value.


What are our bike sheds made of?

Our Colorsteel sheds are low maintenace compared to wooden options, strong and durable suited to NZ’s harsh conditions and only require a wash down once a year. We only use NZ sourced steel, Colorsteel cladding is our product of choice, popular for building houses and roofs due to its strength & durability against NZ’s harsh conditions.

Are bike sheds easy to assemble, or do I need professional installation?

Our products include installation, no need to worry about the hassle of kitset options. We have a team of professional installers ready to go and this ensures the sheds are built to the highest standard without comprising the warranty.

Do bike sheds come with security features to prevent theft?

Our sheds are popular with schools and sports clubs as the design is stronger when compared with alternative cheaper products avaliable. Our sheds are padlock ready, use your own or choose from our range of ABUS padlocks available.

What kind of maintenance do bike sheds require?

Looking after Colorsteel is easy, with a recommended once a year washdown to maximise the lifetime of the shed’s structural strength. Coastal properties can upgrade to the MaXX range of Colorsteel and require an extra washdown annually.

Can I customize the size and design of my bike shed?

GGS specialises in getting the right design of bike storage sheds for our customers, choose the height of the roofline to fit under a fencline or window, move the door entry to suit access for your site – especially useful if needing to access from the short side. We can help put your requirements together to achieve the perfect bike shed for you.

Do bike sheds require a level foundation or base?

Bike Storage sheds are available with or without a floor if you have a suitable platform.  We build a strong quality timber base using H4 4×2 and an H3 18mm Plywood floor, our team takes care of getting the shed level and secured to the floor, suitable on both grass or concrete/deck installs. Including our base/floor design allows for the cladding to drop below the floorline ensuring a weathertight solution.   Without a timber base we can install the shed direct onto your concrete or deck.

What warranty or guarantees come with a bike shed purchase?

Gary’s Garden Sheds has been building storage sheds for 30 years, the bike shed comes with the Colorsteel warranty of between 15-30 years depending on location to the coasts, check with us for the right grade of steel for your location.

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