Our installers will build your shed directly onto lawn, dirt or concrete.  The shed will be secured and levelled on your site using H4 treated timber and plywood flooring.  No preparation is required other than providing us with a cleared site to save you time and money. 

The shed is built on a base using 100mm x 50mm H4 treated bearers which are pegged or nailed into the ground so your shed is levelled and secure.  We then install the 18mm treated plywood floor on top of this.

Sheds with no floor
We can build sheds without a floor if you have a suitable base.  We require a perfectly level deck or a purpose built concrete pad.  The base must be level for us to be able to install our sheds.

Sloping sites
Our professional installers can find a solution for your sloped site. We have a surcharge for installing on a sloped site as we concrete the posts into the ground for more stability.  Talk to us if you are unsure if your site is considered sloped.

base photo-266-393
Example of shed base installed and  level
IMG 2256-829-698
Shed base installed and level ready for Plywood floor
Plywood floor over base
IMG 1983-138-34-842-725
Our base raised to be level with customers deck
Non level site-533
Sloped Site with Step (extra)
Base installed and levelled