Commercial Products

Our professional and experienced team can design and manufacture sheds or storage lockers suitable for your commercial needs. We work with you to ensure our team meets any on site health and safety requirements.

Apartment storage, Basement carpark storage units/lockers, Compressors sheds and many more.

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Carpark/Basement storage
Apartment storage

Pool Sheds

Our sheds are perfect for housing pool pumps/filters. Choose from our small to large sheds to house the pumps and the equipment. We have standard sizing or the option to customise the shed to suit your size, door and height requirements.  

We can build onto a concrete pad or install our timber base and floor system.The height of the shed can be adjusted if required to suit your needs. In most situations our shed needs to be installed prior to pump installation.

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Pool Shed

Compact Sheds (Lower Height)

Our compact sheds are made with all the quality and features of our standard sheds but are designed with a lower height so that they fit tight spaces or under fence lines or windows.

By maximising the space your site has available, Compact sheds have so many uses! Great for storing outside furniture, kids toys, bikes or wood sheds, or even for shelter for the dog.  

Compact sheds are ready made for pick up from our factory, or for installation.

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